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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  February 4, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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going forward if mitt romney in your head the way he is right now. >> well, first of all, i am not sure mitt romney is in my head. that is an interesting analysis on your part and with a psychiatric degree that will give you new clients. i think there is a clear contrast. i think the clear contrast is important. and i think that over time we'll drive home clear contrast in a way that will be to his disadvantage. i think the american people want somebody who is genuinely conservative and prepared to change washington. just take, take his one comment this week about not carrying about the poor. which we know his mistake. just like his comment liking to fire people is a mistake. a conservative to cares about
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the poor and cares about every american of every background and conservative who said why don't we rethink the entire safety net which is a trampol line. it is not me it is jack kemp. they are working on these ideas for 25 years and charles said. mitt romney's comments are designed and he doesn't understand conservative philosophy. >> that is important for the conservatives to think about. nominating a moderate when they lost in 1996 . 2008 when we lost badly. that is not a good future for the republican party. i don't think it is a good future for the country. >> yes, sir. >> i am sorry, jeff, you had a follow up. >> [inaudible]
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>> i was surprised. i never had a person stand next to me in a civil engagement and be dishonest. look at what he said. larry sabato tweeted that romney was being factual false. i didn't have good mechanism but i will. in the next debate. but as a candidate for president f. you can't tell the truth as a candidate for president which is a charge that is made by mccain. fred thompson, by huckabee. if you can't tell the truth as a candidate for president. how can the country expect you to lead as president. i was stund. i make no bones about this. in the second florida debate i had nothing to say because i had never saw a serious candidate for president be
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that dishonest and blaitant and deliberate and he knew he was doing it >> how will you do with that? >> i will not tell you now. please jeff, you have to give us a few trade secrets. >> you mentioned -- [inaudible] no, this is a state he won last time. and i think we will do better than john mccain last time and mccain had reasonable success. >> what about the involvement with freddie mac. [inaudible] >> i haven't seen the reports and i have no idea what they refer tompt i will be happy to look at them. >> last night, you said you were ashamed of the negativity. have you engaged in any negativity and willing to give
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up the negativity. >> disarm in a world where someone is aggressive. >> why not? >> because as you know as a realistic person you might as well with draw from the campaign. that is a fact. >> you don't think you can win with a positive. >> i tried that. if you were with me in iowa. i stayed positive in iowa and i lost 22 points. when we were in a positive totally campaign i was beating romney by a huge margin. i think it is terrible that the american system is reduced to negative ads and some of them false. and i wish it was not happen we would serve our children and grandchildren if it was not happening it is it a fact, it is it a fact. and unfortunately it is a fact . if you are not willing to stand and fight you have to get out of the race and that is it a sad comment. >> mr. speaker, you want to go
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positive in the tone, but that doesn't seem to match your new's conference. is that true. >> i think we'll have a series of positive peaches and i am happy to talk about the idea of turning the safety net in a tampolline and ideas we have for creating a better future in terms of taxes and less regulation. i gave an entire speech at a local church that was positive statement of america exceptionalism. and i predict to you it is harder to get your profession to cover a totally positive speeches. i can give hours but that doesn't mean they will show up. [inaudible] is it a positive message about america's future and negative about mitt romney. >> nancy, there is a positive
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of future for america if we elect a conservative and happy to talk about why that is true and hard for romney care to be part of that future. [inaudible] >> the articles that -- is that incentative and you are -- [inaudible] >> i couldn't understand those arcticles because no one i knew thought he would endorse me. we thought it was weird and those of you need to go back to the sources and ask why they misinformed you. there are few people better at manipulating the press than donald trump and he proved it again. you have to admire it >> and here in your campaign. the explanation that you are the brains and the machine behind your campaign and you talk about not responding
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quickly enough to mitt romney. do you think if you had consultants was it difficult and are you adding them going forward. >> it wouldn't have been different. how is a consultant saying to you in advance and the new york times arcticle about the discussion last sunday morning, it hadn't occurred to me that you would have the level of ruthlessness and dishonesty. i have been around a long time and fair number of campaigns and fights . the language in that arcticle is startling and frankly a break with a american tradition. >> and you are running your campaign. >> michael crow is the campaign manager and we have smart people. it is fair to say what the candidate does and says, that i bear full responsibility. i don't get talking points. i don't get coaching like mitt
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romney until they fired the guy is -- who is coaching. >> he was coached by the guy and then they fire him? it is weird. >> last qui. last question. >> you talked difficulties of running a campaign and report card and 600,000 in debt. [inaudible] >> i don't understand where that report came from. it doesn't fit the internal numbers and i mean, some clever person went back and jury rigged. >> [inaudible] that is it the one state we messed up in and i have been honest about that. you know, we did the wrong thing and hired the wrong person and we'll be in 49 state and the tiratoris and competitive. listen, i hope you have a great super bowl and take a
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few hours off of politics and enjoy life. thank you very much. >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich reported that he was going to stay positive. that was not that positive of a new's conference. >> wait a second. >> okay. >> poll love everies, who for christmas gave my daughter one share of packers stock. we had a serious conference call and we concluded, that we should be for the team that beat the pack. i am for the giants, period. there you g. - go. >> may have lost the new england states. but he's for the giants in the super bowl . he called the former massachusetts gov ghov pro abortion and substantially dishonest and can't tell the truth and george soros.
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the liberal billionaire. and he was surprised and stunned by the last debate and dishonesty of mitt romney and he even quoted charles crod hammer . we are back with the panel with a quick review. >> i appreciate the shout out but it will not work. that was the best of the newt and the worst of newt. best of new. at one point he talk about the issue. we discussed early about the obama campaign and the attack on religious institution and talked about defending freedom and he was good. if only romney had the capacity to do the off the cuff that gingrich does, it would not be a contest it is because mitt romney is trouble with the language of an ideology he came late to, he's stumbled and made a mistake
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this week and there is such resistance in state after state to giving him the ultimate endorsement by the republican electorate . the worst of newt. he went into such detail on mitt romney attack it was astonishing. >> he said i am not going to with draw and stay in the race. he is reasonably happy about where they are and he is the conservative alternative and mitt romney did reasonably well in nevada because it is it a heavily mormon state. nevada is less than 10 percent mormon. and they do turn out above a quarter tonight. and. >> they are entitled. >> that was on the margin. i don't think one would say that. maybe a jewish campaign did well in a state your name congressional district. isn't gingrich said earlier we
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don't look at individuals by their class. he criticized mitt romney for talking about the poor. that is his position that mormon are a lock step. i thought that was an odd statement for gingrich and he was the analyst and not the candidate. more graceful. i hoped to do better here. they are only fivitates down and that was not a lot ofness in his demeanor tonight. >> for an analyst it will be remembered ass one of the most remarkable moments. primary and general. he came out and wandered in the minutia about petty complaints and about a game he should have been prepared for and stagger stunned and shocked over the back and forth with mitt romney .
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he wanted bring it out. he answered a question about mitt romney firing his debate coach. he was in the weeds. it was very, very strange event and announce a new positive campaign by the way. >> 22 minutes i think. >> this is what flailing looks like. it was not a pretty performance by newt gingrich. he didn't know, he was surprised that mitt romney would go negative after mitt romney lost south carolina. if that is true, newt gingrich was the only person in the country. he makes arguments that undermine the rationale of his campaign. mitt romney was dishonest. what does he think mitt romney will do. >> after the break. james rosen lays out the road ahead and the hunt for delegateless .
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now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at >> we can tell you that fox news projected mitt romney is the big winner. but we can't tell you who is second. there is a battle between speaker newt gingrich and ron paul. santorum will finish fourth. we'll look ahead in the race. super tuesday features sevenprimaris and three calk - caucuses. will most of the drama be gone by they offer thoughtos that. >> over the next month 202 delegates will be up for grabs in six states. after that gop candidates will compete for double of that in one day. the big inchillada is not as
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big as it used to be. >> super tuesday. 24 states and american samowia sent both parties to the polls. this year gop, 10 states are making it super. >> we saw in 200x , a calendar that benefited the demdeps and made him a stronger candidate and made hillary clinton a better candidate and we learned from that. >> on this tuesday. alaska and georgia and north dakota and oklahoma and tennessee and vermont and virginia will be awarding a total of 437 delegates and 19 percent of the total and the candidates seem to grasp the significance. >> you have to look at all of the state in play and we are looking forward to that. >> i don't know if it will be this week or after super tuesday. i believe that the race will move in our direction.
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>> most will award them on a proportional. virginia has win or take all. but newt gingrich and rick santorum failed to qualify. >> you can't win in states in ohio and tennessee. gingrich and santorum had issues in that state with delegates. >> one super tuesday behind us and 800 delegates and that is less than 35 percent of the total. but as we are see nothing politics. pan had power and money and momentum dictates the mathematics. bret. >> thank you very much. >> and final thoughts from the panel and a goodbye after the break.
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back with final thoughts and twitter feed from newt gingrich supporters think you are all wet. >> romney attacked obama . newt gingrich attacked romney . ron paul atax everybody. and interesting in the speeches. romney was discipline dull . newt was great when he was good and eloquent buted rattled and scattered.
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>> good night for mitt romney. i think santorum's best chance to break through and establish himself as perhaps as much as newt gingrich the conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> newt gingrich was right. there is a long way to go. he will at a in the race and so is ron paul. and it is another chapter for rick santorum. >> steve, the question tonight. did anything happen that will somehow reduce the inevitably of a mitt romney nomination . he could argue looking at the conservative vote he may progress. >> for the people newt gingrich talked like i wanted to hear him. >> i thought newt gingrich did well and i liked his speeches. >> look at the back tracking. >> i thought hoe had a horrible and worst night than you thought. he rambled. >> he talks about american he's great. and talks about him he's
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awful. that is it for the special saturday edition of special report. we know mitt romney won. i don't know about second or third but rick sabitt santorum is fourth. newt gingrich and ron paul fighting for second best . rick santorum getting busted. you can catch us on fox news channelev night. thanks for inviting us. we'll keep you up to date throughout the entire process and it looks like it is going to go for a while. that's it for this special report. fair balanced and unafraid . ( susan ) so what are you gonna get me for valentine's day ?
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